Thursday, March 25

Orange Cake

Healthy and gorgeous!! mmmmm

This is a dairy, gluten and flour free orange cake, extremely moist and tasty, great to serve with your afternoon tea or as desert. And the best: it's so easy to make!!


2 oranges (the thiner the peel the best)
4 eggs
¾ cup brown sugar
2 + ½ cups ground almond
½ teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon baking soda

Wash the oranges and boil them whole (peel and all) for 1 ½ hours, or until soft.
Place whole oranges (peel and all) in a food processor and blend until smooth.

Add eggs, sugar, almond, salt and baking soda and blend until smooth.
Pour batter into a greased cake pan
Bake in pre-heated oven for 45-50 minutes, until a toothpick stuck in the center
comes out clean.

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