Thursday, February 25

Chicken Avocado Wrap with Spinach Dip

Easy to make, this wrap is a balanced healthy option for a light meal. Ok, the photo is not so great, but I can assure it tasted much better!

Chicken Avocado Wrap


2 flour tortilla wrap
1 chicken breast (season to taste. I tried lemon juice, crushed chili and salt)
1 avocado
salad/mixed leaves
cashew nuts

Cook the all chicken breast on a non-stick frying pan just with a drizzle of olive oil. Flake the chicken only after cooked so it keeps juicy and tasty.
Mash avocado with a fork (half avocado in each wrap) and crack the cashews.
Place the wrap on a plate, layer the avocado, chicken and salad leaves, and sprinkle with cashew nuts, and if you want, some seeds.
Serve with spinach dip.

Spinach Dip

Ingredients ( aprox. measurements. Adjust to taste!)

250g frozen spinach
1 cup of oats
3 garlic cloves
1 table spoon olive oil
100ml milk/soya milk
salt and pepper to taste

Defrost the spinach and drain out the water. Dice the garlic and fry it slightly for a few seconds in the olive oil. Add spinach and oats. Add water slowly and keep on stirring until oats are totally cooked. Blend it all. This will create a quite thick paste. Add the milk for a creamy texture. The amount of oats and milk will vary depending on how compact or not you would like your dip to be!
Add salt and pepper to taste. Let it cook at low heat for a wile until you get an even texture.

This is great as a dip, side dish or as a healthier option to pesto on pasta recipes!! Try potato gnocchi with mushrooms and spinach dip... gorgeous!!! Quick, simple and healthy.

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