Sunday, June 6

Chickpea, red pepper and goat's cheese salad

This is a quite heavy salad but the seasoning with oregano and lemon help giving it a summery taste.

If you're doing it only for you, a good measure is a cereal bowl to mix all the ingredients together.


half bowl of chickpeas
1 small red pepper, roasted or chargrilled (you can by the jar ones)
1 small fresh goat's cheese (it has to be a bit hard so you can cut it in cubes) or feta cheese
lemon juice (about 1 tbl spoon)
olive oil (1 to 2 tbl spoons)
garlic (small clove)
black pepper

Rinse the chickpeas, slice the peppers into thin stripes and then in halves, cut the goat's cheese in small cubes, finely dice the garlic. Mix all together. Add the lemon juice salt and pepper and mix. Serve cold with wild rocket salad for extra freshness!

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