Thursday, June 24

Grilled Mushroom and Cherry Tomato Salad

Ultra quick and easy to make, a great option for a light tasty meal.


portobello mushrooms
cherry tomatoes
dried oregano
black pepper
sea salt
olive oil

To serve

rye bread

Pre- Heat the oven to 180 degrees (although we'll use the grill, if the oven is already hot the vegetables will cook better).
Cut the mushrooms into chunks and the tomatoes in halves. Place them in a foil square. Season with some grated black pepper, oregano, salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Turn the oven heat off and turn the grill on. Let the veggies cook until soft. And that's it! Let it cool down and serve with avocado chunks, rocket salad and some toasted rye bread.



  1. mushrooms... yummy
    Falta o golpinho de azeite na foto ;)

  2. por acaso até tem, não se vê é na foto! hehe...sim,eu sei, as minhas fotos andam mt más, tenho de arranjar uma makina nova....